Client Testimonials

Gene Lederer - Windermere, FL

"Having visited the Bryson City area to enjoy the outdoor activities with my family over the last 20 years I decided it was time we buy or build a home in the mountains. I live in Florida so the logistics involved in finding what I was looking for were going to be problematic. My brother owns a brokerage firm in NY, he suggested I find a well referenced Buyers Broker. He found Tony and talked with him and basically told me this guy knows what he is doing. When I arrived there for a 3-day stay Tony had already found me 4 homes and 5 different land deals that fit my criteria. I have a limited amount of patience and from time to time value my time over money. I was not opposed to paying what the sellers wanted provided I could get this over with. I cannot say enough about how pleased I was with Tony, he did everything. All I had to do was look at the places and send money at the end of the process. He negotiated down all the sellers to below 2 year comparable, found me a very competent law firm that charged a lot less than I expected, chased every question I asked, introduced me to an experienced local architect as well as a reputable local builder. He managed every aspect of the transaction with professional diligence. I only wish he worked in Florida as we are looking for a new home here and I hate the whole process of having to keep an eye on the various party’s motivations. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Tony to handle the buying side of a real estate transaction in Bryson City and the surrounding communities, he is an established local and knows everyone. Plus, he is really a great guy."

Rebecca Scheidt - Cullowhee, NC

"A complete newbie to the buying process, Tony very quickly and thoroughly answered all my questions and helped me through every step of the process. Even though mine was a very small purchase dollar-wise, he treated me as though I were making a multi-million dollar transaction. His knowledge of the area is impeccable, and he ensured I paid the absolute minimum on my land, working on my behalf every step of the way. I cannot thank him enough and honestly would not have been able to do this without his help. I give him the absolute highest recommendation I can, he is the greatest!! Thanks again, Tony!"

Hugh & Ann Hood - Crestview, FL

"Tony did an awesome job helping us find and purchase our dream property in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Tony actually ended up helping us with two properties. The first property was real estate listed and the second was an adjacent property that was a for-sale-by-owner. Tony helped us negotiate a fair price for the properties in both situations. We closed on both properties without a hitch. When we were unable to travel from Florida to North Carolina to look at a property we were interested in, Tony went to the property and video taped a tour of the property for us. Any questions or concerns we had, Tony answered quickly and thoroughly. Tony even hiked the properties we were interested in with us. Tony never tried to rush our decision. He always told us that only we would know when we found the perfect property. Ann and I cannot say enough good things about Tony. If you are looking for that perfect place in the mountains, use Tony as your buyers agent!" Thanks Tony! - Hugh & Ann

James & Jennifer S. - Jacksonville, FL

"Tony was able to give us outstanding help and guidance throughout our search for a second home. We've purchased property in Florida, but were not familiar with the intricate process of selecting a cabin high in the mountains. There were many things we weren't aware of that needed to be considered, and Tony was able to step us through each decision. With his contacts, knowledge of the area, and experience in the second home market Tony was able to pilot us through with relative ease. Although there were small issues that arose, he took the time to address each one, and be onsite when we were out of state. He was a true "buyers" agent, and operated with the utmost integrity during the entire transaction. Without his help we would most likely still be on a 'cabin quest'. Thanks for everything!"

Reanna and Mike Clare - Sylva, NC

"As first time buyers originally from Philadelphia and Manchester, England my wife and I were very skeptical about the whole house buying process. It seemed most real estate agents were concerned with how much money we had to spend, rather than answering our questions and concerns. However as soon as we met Tony we knew he was the person to help us buy our first house. He gave us expert advice, connected us with the relevant professionals and answered all of our questions. Never pushing his own agenda, Tony focused on finding a house for us that meet all of our requirements, even those we hadn't thought of. He used his knowledge of the area and our lifestyle to pinpoint the houses to show us. He gave us the information and guidance to ask the right questions to determine if the property was suitable for our needs. Tony is an exemplary buyer's agent with an upbeat and fun personality. Thanks to Tony and his hard work, the whole process was as smooth, fast and as-stress-free as buying a house can be. Our only disappointment is that we won't be able to work with Tony until the next time we buy a house, and as he found our dream home that may be in the very distant future. Thank you, Tony." "

David Kanis - Asheville, NC

"Dear Tony, I am here looking at some pictures of our condo on Isla Mujeres and gratefully I must say that I would never have had the courage to do this without your guidance. Given the language barrier and that things are done very differently in Mexico, I am sure that the whole purhcase offer would have blown up and we would not be the proud owner's of this fabulous place overlooking the Bay of Mujeres. Please count me as a testimonial and reference to anyone in need of your diligent and articulate skills. I truly felt your total concern for my protection and safety throughout the negotiation process. I will be glad to relay "my story" and let them know just how important your efforts were to my comfort level of moving forward with this long distance purchase transaction. Muchas, Muchas Gracias Amigo!"

Rick, Michael, & Danny - Waynesville, NC

"From day one, Tony was right on the money as to what kind of home we were looking for! He came prepared and well-informed and found the home of our dreams on the first day! We couldn't have asked for a better, more knowledgeable buyer's agent than Tony. Even during the buying process, Tony was instrumental in helping keep the lines of communication between all parties involved and, in many cases, he was the "go to" person when something needed to be handled or done. We definitely are letting all our friends and associates know that if they are looking to purchase a home that Tony is the man to go to. In a few words: WE LOVE OUR NEW HOME AND CAN'T THANK TONY ENOUGH FOR ALL OF HIS HELP AND EXPERTISE!!!"

Howard C. - Plantation, FL

"Tony was recommended to me from a mutual friend when I mentioned that I was interested in a place in the mountains of North Carolina. I am a business owner in South Florida with a busy schedule like everyone else. When I first called Tony I knew nothing about the area only that I wanted a house with a great view. Tony sent me listings to narrow down what I was looking for, we found some promising houses. I set up a time to go see the houses Tony was like a tour guide telling us the history of the area as we looked at houses. We found the house we liked and Tony guided us through the purchasing process, he researched every detail and I was totally satisfied with my purchase. Dealing with Tony was a great experience he handles you with a level of professionalism that I am not used to and he has your best interests at heart. I would recommend him to anyone looking"

Shelley Pelcher - Licensed FL Real Estate Broker

"I am a licensed Florida Real Estate Broker and was interested in purchasing a home in the Asheville area. I emailed a general inquiry to local agencies and Tony Montoya was the first to respond with current, up to date information on available listings. I only had 2 days in the area to find a home, and because of Tony's professional, persistent demeanor I found the perfect home in Asheville during my first day of showings. When I returned to Florida, Tony personally scheduled and was present at all inspections, and because of this "extra effort", I was able to close on the home worry free in less than a month. I would highly recommend Tony to anyone who is looking for a professional, knowledgeable buyer's broker in Western Carolina."

Jianni A. - West Palm Beach, FL

"In the last ten years I have purchased eight properties in South Florida. My real estate agents have been good and fair. We recently decided to invest in North Carolina and we purchased a lovely home in Nantahala. Our agent was good so we were not looking to change when we decided to invest in more property in North Carolina. We had learned from previous transactions that often you have to be a step or two ahead of the agent and keep in close touch to make sure everything is done right, this has been the norm with most agents and we have taken it for granted that this is the way it is, until we met Tony Montoya.
We had wanted to broaden the area where we were going to buy and by accident were introduced to Tony Montoya who was more familiar with the Fontana Lake, Nantahala Gorge and Franklin areas. He invited us to his office where our little chat turned out to be a very educational two hour real estate course. He impressed us by comparing some differences in North Carolina real estate laws with laws in Florida. He also covered 1031's and seasonal properties thoroughly. Then he really surprised us with information about contracts, terms, conditions and most importantly the signing of agreements that most agents bind you with. At this point we felt very good, knowledgeable and happy to sign up with Tony. As we left he gave us a lot of informative literature and things that we needed to look over for our best interest, he shook our hands and told us not to hesitate to call him if we had any other questions.
Wow, that was it. No signing, no obligation and all this information that we never knew. So when I talked it over with my wife we both concluded that he was the most knowledgeable agent we had ever met on all aspects of real estate, and also very level headed on return on investments and surprisingly fair and honest. Once we started working regularly with Tony we discovered how dedicated he is and how much he loves his job. For Tony, going the extra mile for his client is as easy as snapping his fingers.
We finally found a property we were interested in and exchanged contracts but later in the process the sellers agent became elusive. The surveyor didn't show up and the appraiser couldn't be reached. Tony stepped in and made it all happen. He picked up the plans from the surveyor, he went to the tax office to check on tax records and visited the other agents office to get the answers we needed. After a lot of hard work and running around, and despite losing out on a sale, due to the fact that Tony had written up the original contract so carefully and with our interests foremost we were easily able to cancel the deal with our deposit fully refunded.
Tony didn't get a dollar for all his hard work but he never complained, only followed through with the necessary legal processes. He was as friendly and as conscientious as ever, saying he was the buyers' advocate and if he didn't advise us honestly he wouldn't be doing his job right, besides it was more important to him that we purchase the property that is truly right for us. So at this time we are taking it easy, not jumping into any 'hot deals'. We trust Tony implicitly, he has listened carefully to our goals and asked lots of questions, we know that when the right property comes up we will get a call from him to let us know he's not tired of us or his job. He's always looking out for us and always wants the best for his clients putting their interests first at every turn."

Annette Youmans - Savannah, GA

"Working with Tony is better than a breath of fresh mountain air. He came to my rescue while I was struggling (on my own) to find a vacation rental property to purchase. He really listened and took the time to really understand what I was looking for. He then found the perfect place and guided me effortlessly through the purchase process. He is well respected by other realtors and it is widely known that he makes every effort to protect the buyer. I don't think anyone would even try to pull the wool over Tony's eyes. When the time comes to make my next real estate purchase, Tony will be the first person I call."

Terry A. - Ft. Myers, FL

"Dear Tony, I'd like to thank you again for your outstanding assistance. The research that you undertook and the insight and suggestions that you communicated were crucial in enabling me to assess a variety of interesting properties, which in turn increased my satisfaction and confidence in the home that I eventually purchased. I very much enjoyed your guidance and touring the properties with you. I'd be happy to serve as a reference as a very satisfied client. You are outstanding both as a person and in your buyer's agent services."