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A.J. (Tony) Montoya

Our tag line says it all. We are here, "To Serve, Not Sell."

CabinQuest is a real estate agency dedicated to advocating the Buyer's best interests throughout the purchase process. We do not take in-house listings in order to completely avoid conflicts of interest or dual representation. As opposed to trying to "sell" you a home, office building, lot or a parcel of land, we listen to your needs and desires, and then search the real estate market for properties that best fit your specifications.

Areas of Expertise

1st Time Homebuyers
The most comprehensive resource on purchasing your 1st home can be located at HGTV's FrontDoor. As opposed to regurgitating the enormous volume of valuable information there, I will simply acknowledge their excellence and provide you with a link to this outstanding website. more...
Holiday (2nd) Homes | Vacation Rental Investments
The best place for you to buy a vacation rental is in an area that your family loves and will want to visit every year. If you purchase in a location you love, chances are other families will love it too and will want to rent your home during their vacation. There are many factors to consider when thinking about purchasing a 2nd home, and we'll fill you in on all of them with no obligation. Simply give us a call when you have approximately 20 minutes to spare...
International Real Estate
Relocation Services